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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2011

Give it the tittle

Sometimes, to averse saying often, I try to increase my ability especially in English language. Learning and mastering language is something need in this era. Yupz, language is weapon. A few days latter I found this page when was typing my assignment in the office where I  always waste my time to do anything useful with my friends, we call it Sekret.
Those who wants to knows the real shape of his ability is never afraid making different decision, as long as the decision is answerable. Even the condition is not so good, but we can make the condition as we want by doing something like this, Thinking Outside The Box.
It was written by someone who I’ve never met him before from Canada, but his writing in my opinion is easy to understand. Thank you very much for Ed Bernacki. You may find him in his address page which I wrote in the last of this article. Exactly, what is thinking ‘Outside The Box’? A reason I often hear for the need for innovation training is to get "our team to think out…