Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

My Last Notes

Here, I try to increasing my English skill. I had been in Pare before joined to university. It’s important to me and everybody mastering this language knowing all of knowledge in this world. Most people in this world using English to communicate. English is language of knowledge. 

I got my notes which I wrote when I was there, studying at BEC which founded and lead by Mr. Kalend O., may God bless him and his family. Last time, before I went to Jakarta after graduate from his course I promise to him that I’ll increase my ability in English.

Pre-BEC, 2010, February.
Hmm. It seems childish. Poor me. But, it's okay:

Many students are having trouble in increasing their vocabulary. That means, they are having trouble in their English development too, because vocabulary is the most important thing in learning English. So, increasing English your vocabulary must be as important as learning its grammar.

So, how to increase your vocabulary? Many students try to memorize them all. If you do that, you will be crazy in a minute, because there are more than 60.000 English words to memorize!

No, you can not do that. Learning English just like Indonesian, learning anytime you have. Anyway it’s still difficult, because English is not our language , that’s why I will give you an easier way to learn it.

1. Read. Read English book, stories, notes, anything! Then write every new words you can find. Spend a little time to read it again and again. Remember, if you read it 10 minutes before you go to bed.

2. Talk. Try to say those words correctly, then spell it, fast and clear. Pretend that you are talking to somebody you like, Tom Cruise, Madonna, James Bond, or anybody. It’s the easiest way to memorize. Never say “I’m ashamed”, because you are in your bedroom, alone. 

3. Sing. Sing a song is an unique way to learning English fast. Usually, children never have any trouble in that. So try to sing a song in English correctly. Start it with an easy song that you like most. Like ‘Trouble is a Friend’ or ‘Reason’ or any other song you like, then translate it, and find the beauty of that song. It’s help you to listen carefully too it’s important to you.

4. Doing a conversation. Ask somebody you can trust. It can be your parents, your teacher, neighbor, or friend to do a conversation with you. Start it with introducing yourself to somebody else. This will help you speak English fluently. It’s also practice your sense of talking well in English. More practice, there will be more experience you will have.

5. Never say goodbye. Never give up learning something new about English. It’s the way , it’s there’ll be always some new things to learn. If you want to be an expert in English, you’ll have to be as tough as a rock. First, it’s very difficult, then, the success will be yours.

Mr. Kalend O. and Me. God bless you, Sir.

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